Saturday, May 30, 2009


Gittin' back into the swing of blogging. Still to fix the music thing, but I'm pleased with the way my bowling cam has turned out.

It's been a scorching couple of days, and not really wanting to harp on about it too much (in true Brit style), I'd go as far as to say it's too hot for me!! Just kidding, but I DO love saying that to people when they indulge in weather chat.

I'm trying to play Pokemon on my Nintendo DS. I'm trying to watch Dexter series 3. I'm trying to rewatch all the Mitchell and Webb stuff that I have. I've got blisters on my feet from walking the Colne Valley Circular (12.5 miles) and one leg is still longer than the other from all those lopsided hill paths.

I've been dogsitting for Stevie the wonder dog while Dawn has a string of potential purchasers viewing her house. We've got along pretty well, but I do tend to overindulge her in dog treats - muesli bones..... marrowbone snacks..... and even some burnt baked beans (don't ask) - Dogs make great waste disposal systems, but apparently you're not supposed to give them grapes!?!?

Note to self: Must get a job.


  1. Welcome back. I've been missing your foxillian observations. Shame about the song, though... Spandau Ballet??????

  2. Yes Spandau Ballet..... but if you listen to it, there's a Harry Hill trombone solo!!! Enough to make me fall off my seat.

  3. I see. I'd give it another listen but the crafty buggers on MSN Spaces change the location of the files on a daily basis, thereby ensuring that music files can't be linked for longer than 24 hours. What sly little monkeys, eh?

  4. hmmm so they do..... bastards ..... time to invest in a web server I reckon.... freeware of course!!

  5. fixed thanks to - music to our ears