Thursday, March 12, 2009


Earwig oh again......

Here we go again .... geddit??

It's like a dingbat but more moronic.....

That's what you get when you get a drunken fox blog......

Yesterday's Examiner dingbat was:

O _ e r _ t _ o _

I came up with several ideas but the most serious one I could come up with was "painless operation" and if that's the case, whoever thinks these things up needs sacking!! Is "painless operation" a well known phrase or saying?? If so.... here is my response, in dingbat form:

abracadabra o_er_t_o_ not your posterior!!

Translated - spoiler (highlight it to see it): magic painless operation my arse!


The Old Ship Inn's first beer festival in Brighouse today... I'm glad to say that I made it there to sample their fine array of ales..... not all of them good, but then not all of them ordered by me.... miraculously - most of the ones I ordered were brilliant..... highlights:

Golcar - Dark Mild.
Elland - 1872 Porter.
Marble - Chocolate.
Marble - Ginger.
Brass Monkey - Silverback.
Brass Monkey - Monkey Pooh.

At a paltry two quid a pint on all the festival beers.... g'wan and fill thee boots.

Just a quick note to Emma - I love it when someone enjoys a punchline as much as I do..... magic cock my arse!!

I have lost count of the number of photos I've taken at Cupwith Reservoir, but here it is.... ANOTHER and one unlike any other.... melting snow and ice on some lovely colourful moss at the side of the water. Suck it up.


  1. Ah, Foxmeister. Lack of activity on my part is entirely down to the fact we've been living out of boxes for the past few months. Almost everything we own has been packed away for the dual purposes of keeping the house tidy in order to be ready for viewings at a moment's notice, paired with an attempt to make the preparations for moving less fraught when it's finally upon us.

    We move to the new house in 12 days time - three acres of grass & trees, including a creek and which backs onto woodland in a very quiet area. There's a selection of deer, groundhogs, various birds, including a heron, along with the usual suspects of squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, skunks and possums as our neighbours. Expect lots of activity on the blog in the near future.

    Meanwhile, you'll have to make do with an Orb remix - or whatever else I decide to use as the next movement in the soundtrack to a long period of inactivity.

  2. Hmm, Marble beers. Yum! Used to like the Cloudy Marble myself when I lived in Chrorlton. I remember going to the pub once and being told they didn't have any in stock because "The guy that makes it is on holiday!" LOL. Probably made in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Fantastic beer though. And there aren't many of those here in Oz

  3. Have absolutley no idea what this post is about....I'll go stand in the corner and put my dunce cap on.


    Lovin' the moss shot.


    What's the name of the tune and who sings it? It's stuck in my head now.

  4. Takes dunce cap off and leaves the corner....Nazareth!

  5. Very strange post. I don't understand it at all.