Thursday, February 05, 2009

What goes.....

White, red, blue, red, white???

Answer: Me, in the snow, walking, and then catching man flu!!

I'm officially dying of man flu.

My lungs feel like I have started smoking again.... my temperature is all over the place.... I have the most feeble broken glass cough..... sleep pattern's gone to the dogs..... can't even raise the enthusiasm to stay awake long enough to watch a film (that being said, I've managed to watch (with some cunning rewinding over the bits I fell asleep in) Horton Hears a Who (very good); Bee Movie (Very poor); and Ratatouille (OK)) = lovely nested parentheses!!

On the plus side of being so desperately ill, I've managed to spend some time organising the mountains of digital media that I manage to accumulate in such a haphazard fashion. Electronic spring cleaning, you can't beat it!!

Early morning New Hey Road - This was Tuesday morning, but it's a shot I like. The streetlight phosphor orange glow is quite tasty.


  1. The only way to get rid of the man flu is for a woman like Dawn to give you a sensual all-over body massage with some aromatic Asian oils - lingering in particular places. If you have no Asian oils, butcher's lard is a good substitute.

  2. Nice pic, Fox. But since the UK was supposed to be having some bad weather, how come you post something that shows a light frost?

  3. i thought you died of man flu once before? surely you should be dead, man!! and yep ... our snow is WAY better than yours ...

  4. I went to work on Friday despite several inches of snow and no gritters on anything except the M11. I was disappointed at how much I'd forgotten about driving on ice, particularly as I had a passenger, who generously said nothing when I slid into a kerb! Fortunately I quickly remembered some of the forgotten techniques, and we made it to work without further mishap!

  5. Zdravo, Arctic Fox. I enjoy you photograph of England weather. Is similar to winter in country of Serbia where I am from. I enjoy seeing here.


    Miljana Jovanović