Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Notable by their absences today are:

Large jar of Marmite.

A new broom head.

A rat poison bait box.

Peanut Butter.

Microsoft Autoroute.

Memory Map navigation software.

It's funny how such a random list of unconnected items can all be united by the very fact that I have noticed the lack of them all on this very day.

I have tried to resolve some of these shortcomings, and am afraid to say that the only ones I have satisfied are those that relate to computer software.

Geek I am.

Marmite on toast I am not.

Here (for your enjoyment) is a scaled down version of the faulty Nelson's Column print. I've stuck a couple of vertizontal bars over the top to give you the exact scale of my error. I put this failing down to all those hours spent running round the moors hunting for magic mushrooms - It's simply resulted in the Pole Moor condition of having one leg slightly longer than the other. I estimate (and usually correct with) a measurement of 2 degree rotation.


  1. This blog has some great photos of the women on Fox news:

  2. I don't know why, but Marmite from a large jar never tastes quite as good as Marmite from a small jar.

  3. It's because they make the smaller jars by compressing the larger ones. So you get all the tastiness of a large jar in a smaller space or you could say it has an increased taste density.

  4. I like that theory. It makes a great deal of sense.