Monday, January 05, 2009

Rather randomly....

... and even more trivially......

Whilst catching up on some Pogo badges in "Trivial Pursuit Daily", I have come across some interesting but entirely useless information....

Hitler's favourite film was King Kong.

Winston Churchill smoked two cigars a day.

The kookaburra is the largest of all the kingfishers.

150 years ago, Reuters began as a line of carrier pigeons, carrying banking information between Aachen and Brussels (a two hour flight).

Orville Wright flew for 43 years without a pilot's licence.

Go figure...... It snowed last night and it's bloody cold now - The peak temperature for the rest of the whole week is four degrees (C)!!!


  1. Ha! I laugh in the face of your almost tropical temperatures.

  2. Well now I know that the kookaburra is a kingfisher....John Williamson does a fair mimic of it's call whilst singing Home Among The Gum Trees. In case your interested in yet more semi-useless tivia.

  3. Wow, now that's a cracking bit of trivia!! (goes off in search of John Williamson tunes)