Tuesday, January 06, 2009

C C C C Cold......

Apparently, and these are not my words, but apparently last night was the coldest night in Yorkshire.... ever, or at least since the recording of data was established, a trifling forty some years ago. Ironically, I couldn't tell you what that temperature was!!

Crisp day, crunchy, a bit frosty, a bit snowy, very icy.

Went for a walk down the canal from Slawit to Marsden.... Mum's just started walking as a new year resolution, so given the tricky conditions underfoot and inadequate walking equipment we did quite well to make it to the Riverhead public house for a stunning pint of American Pale Ale with its staggeringly good alcohol level - a fitting reward for the journey.

Spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of those twelfth night logistics.... ripping up christmas cards and burning down the christmas decorations..... saves on the loft space!!!

Self portrait at Scapegoat Hill!!


  1. I once did a goat protrait at Selfridges in Muswell Hill.

  2. We should all turn off our fridges and put the stuff outside our back doors. That would reduce global warming and...shit - probably make it even bloody colder! Brrrrrrrrrr! Feels like global cooling.

  3. I've had enough of the cold now.

    Cool photo though.