Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, I've sort of knuckled down to some serious christmas shopping. I always find the task very depressing.

I hate crowds of people that amble along with no sense of purpose or intent, like zombies in the shopping mall of a George A. Romero flick.

I hate buying things for people based on the fact that it's bad form not to, even when you know that in a couple of weeks time you could get twice as much "crud" for your money.

I'm not religious in any way, shape or form, and even if I was then I'm unsure that christmas shopping would form any part of my beliefs.

I hate seeing the same old crap that was on display at this time last year being wheeled back out onto the shelves for us to have another crack at.

Christmas socks, mugs, hats, shirts, cardigans, jumpers, decorations, in fact anything christmas "branded" that will never see the light of day until the same time next year.

I always see loads of stuff that I'd want to buy for myself, but I know nobody else will see those things and unless I DO buy them for myself, then I'll never receive them (examples of this, today, were: Electric toothbrush heads; Deodorant; Clothes; Shoes; Walking boots).

Even a dose of Michael Caine in Muppet Christmas Carol has failed to thaw my icy mood.


Not a great photo, but a nice example of a spider in my living room. I love spiders because they eat flies.... and I HATE flies!! There are also some good examples of dust bunnies in this photo, the kind that blow across my floor like tumbleweeds in Dead Man's Gulch.


  1. Holy Mother of Frog! What is that awful music?

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  3. It is the worst christmas song I could find... read about it here:

    make sure you leave the sick bucket behind when you go though ok?

  4. Thank you for being even more anti-Christmas than me. Keep it up!

  5. I must say I share many of your feelings about Xmas and I am also a great fan of spiders. The perfect Xmas gift for an arachnophobic would be a jar filled with hungry wolf spiders. That should subdue the phobia. worth a try anyway.

  6.'s almost x-mas? All joking aside I feel that I am the only woman in the galaxy who despises shopping. I wish that Santa really did magically deliver gifts so that I would never have to shop. did know that there was no such thing as Santa, right?

  7. tell me about it. friggin' christmas shoppers. that spider's got it right - just chilling right there on your floor.

  8. The best part of Christmas is snuggling under a warm blanket at the beginning... and not emerging until it's all over.

  9. In agreement with you on the holiday. Whistling past the graveyard...a Tom Waits song that would be appropriate for the season.