Monday, December 08, 2008

Never return.

Never return to a firework that's gone out. Even if the firework never properly ignited, it's not the best solution to go and stick your eye over the top of it to see what happened. We all learn these little rules of life, and they go along just fine until......

Even a broken boiler can burn you.

Having thwarted my usual boiler repair man and having soured our relationship by him having to back away from the deal seriously out of pocket..... I contacted the boiler manufacturer......

Here follows their reply:

As your appliance is now out of warranty, should you wish for our engineer to visit your property, we can do so for a fixed charge of £215 which includes most parts, labour and VAT. The only parts not included in this fixed price are the heat exchangers and expansion vessel, therefore should we find that any of these parts are required, our engineer will quote separately on site for the completion of the repair.

I would advise however that we do reserve the right to charge an abortive call out fee of £82.25, should our engineer be unable to gain access to the appliance, where parking is not available, where the appliance is deemed beyond economical repair or find the fault to be external to the appliance. This may also apply if the visit is cancelled by yourself with less than 24 hours notice.

Ouch..... burned again. What happened to my eyebrows??

My recent trip to Manchester. Not only did Sally Webster from Coronation Street try to buy some amaryllis bulbs from me in the market, but my good friend Shaun Ryder bought me a pint in the Marble Arch. If you look carefully you might just spot the lovely Wally Dawn in this picture.... Sally Webster's phone number goes to the first correct guess.


  1. She is facing the bar, just behind the gaunt, balding gent, who is below the first fully visible cluster of ceiling lights, slightly to the left of the red coat, but I don't really want Sally Webster's number, though, since she looks a little too much like a dolphin for my taste. Tuna sandwich, anyone?

  2. that's some decidedly stalkerish spotting there mister spice - well done. All my tuna is dolphin friendly..... i.e. the tuna always buy the first beer and never expect the dolphins to stand their own corner!!

  3. All those cold nights I spend hiding in your hedge are beginning to pay off. Perhaps I do need Sally Webster's number, after all. (insert nefarious laughter here)

  4. Urmmm....Don't know which is Dawn and don't even know who Sally Webster is. I will take Daniel Craigs phone number if he ever tries to buy anything from you though.

  5. What happened to your eyebrows? They were knitted into a little bedjacket for a rather cold caterpillar called Humphrey. Now may I have Sally Webster's phone number?

  6. Really? Shaun Ryder? Ok, I'm easily impressed. Oooh, I could do with a pint of Cloudy Marble. Used to love all the Marble beers from Manc (head tilts as the scene fades into nostalgia).

    tthe beer here (apart from the James Squire) is pretty rank. Though with the number of cool, rainy and overcast days in Sydney I think someone twinned the place with Manchester