Sunday, December 07, 2008

The boiler man cometh.....

... and invariably he faileth to fixeth my boiler.

The boiler repair man has suffered a severe defeat at the hands of my obsolete Gloworm Fuelsaver F 55F broken down machine. Parts were replaced, earths were restrapped, connections remade, circuits tested, voltages measured..... we even tried turning it off and on again!! For all intents and purpose, the boiler should be working... it goes through its routine and the final step is the spark which ignites it... and that's where it fails.... all other preliminary stages are present and correct.

Upshot, it's still f-f-f-freezing.... my boiler repairman has suffered a devastating cost in spare parts which he can't return or charge for.... I think it's new boiler time..... insert groan here.

We are all very disappointed but only one of us is cold.

Manchester Eye and the Arndale Centre - After a few beers and a trawl around the festive markets in the city centre on Saturday afternoon and evening. Spent some time in the Marble Arch (my first but not last visit there) and the Briton's Protection (where I struggled to get through a very fine pint of "hung, drawn and portered").


  1. What would you want a new boiler for in this veritable heatwave? It has to be ten below before I allow my wife to trigger the central heating for a few minutes. Long johns and thermal vests are the answer if you are cold - not expensive boilers! Spring will be here soon.

  2. Cluck it! I thought you said broiler.

  3. Sorry About Your Boiler....What you think of The Marble Arch?Why not come again on Thursday?!

  4. It is very dangerous to go with the damaged boiler, you have done a good job!