Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are we there yet?

Almost done.... just the piffling matter of New Year's Eve to get out of the way and soon, very soon, things can start to get back to normal.

So what's been occurring?

Christmas - spent recovering from flu. Had a few beers (on my own - not something I do very often) at the excellent Drop Inn in Elland - Treacle Stout makes for a great chrimbo tipple. The rest of the day I spent cooking up a storm for my own christmas dinner - A fake chicken roast thing, a sublime cauliflower cheese, cabbage, carrots, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy, honey roast parsnips and the obligatory brussel sprouts - I am still trying to work out why my folks are so fixated with people eating or not eating brussel sprouts - I know my mum doesn't like pineapple so why would I force her (under peer pressure) to eat it?

Fell asleep in the afternoon with a bottle of excellent Leeds Pale Ale in my hand.

As for christmas gifts.... I wonder why I bother!! Dawn and I both agreed to only spend a tenner on each other and that worked quite well..... I got a keyring, a Woman's weekly cook book and a cowboy story (possibly the most costly postage of tat ever???) from the Australian relatives - A DVD from Dawn's kids..... Socks from my Aunty Jan..... chocolate coins, socks, liqueur chocolates and some love hearts from mum (presumably they ventured no further than Slaithwaite chocolate shop) and that's it!!

My flu has finally effed off..... Good old Cock o' the North have had a beer festival..... been for a walk around Scammonden Dam......

Much ado about naff all!!


  1. Wishing You All The Best For 2009 Mr.Fox.'Glad Yer On The Mend.
    Best Wishes

  2. What's wrong with sprouts? I love sprouts, I love sprout sandwiches best and I've even made sprout soup recently (tastes surprisingly like pea soup, I amazed to say). Dunno about you, me old bug ridden friend, but I'm looking forward to the new year. Have a good one, enjoy your beer and tickle a few squirrels for me.

  3. I like sprouts - didn't say there was owt wrong with 'em.... it's the obsessive forcing of sprouts upon people that I was bemoaning!!

    Happy Hogmanay to the blooming lot of ya!!

  4. I'm also against the obsessive forcing of sprouts - which is why I didn't accept Richard Gere's holiday dinner invitation.

    Best wishes for a very amphibian new year.