Friday, November 28, 2008


As I get older, I am constantly reminded by those around me that I have an increasingly similar disposition to that of Victor Meldrew. I have an alarmingly shortening fuse, terminal bad luck, and an immeasurable amount of bile which seems to spout forth from my vocal chords under its own angry volition.

Things happen to me and I have no tolerance for it to simply wash over the top. I used to be quite laid back.... I was one of those horizontal people.... If I laid back any further you'd have called it a cartwheel.

So what's my gripe today?

I took the plunge and ordered some carefully researched walking boots from an online store. The delivery went fine, the communications were acceptable, the product is in good working order....... they are just a whole size too small for my feet. I look at my trainers.... size 11.... I look at the boots.... size 11..... I look under my feet.... size 11...... ah well, I'll just roll over, accept that not everyone's definition of size 11 is the same, return them (at my own expense) and get the next size up.......

Insert blue air here!!

So, there's a size 11...... and the next size up is...... 12.5!!!!

Oh crimminy!!

Need Assistance? Live Chat - Offline.

Say no frinking more!!

(I also payed for them using PayPal so the refund won't be simple either)

Why do you think he removes their skins, Agent Starling? - I love the blue skies that we get as we head towards winter. Clear, crisp, low slung, powder blue. I also have a fascination with power lines and pylons. When you really take time to look at things like this (the picture) it makes you realise we're a funny species on this planet! Nettleton Hill power lines and a starling.


  1. Canadian starlings are so much bigger... aren't you feeding them properly?

  2. Rol: There's nothing quite like growing old disgracefully.

    Spice: I spend a good deal of time and effort trying NOT to feed the greedy starlings!! It's an ongoing struggle.

  3. Don't tell me about grumpiness! I am the champion of this particular human trait and stop moaning about your frigging boots matey! Just squeeze into them and belt up - whingeing away like a bloody Australian! I can't believe it!

  4. Size Might Not Be Everything but.........It Does Help!
    Moan On ! Un-Moaning Is An Even Worse Stratergy, Me'Thinks..........

  5. Try a good ol' shop Jase... Tha can try 'em on and everything... Even walk out wearing 'em if thee likes...