Sunday, November 30, 2008

Send three and fourpence.....

... we're going to a dance!!

Bloody hell it's cold in my house without a boiler. Corned beef legs and sore throats are the result of sitting too near the dreadful gas fire that I am reliant upon.

On the plus side, my uncle (the cavalry) arrives tomorrow lunchtime to remedy any number of "household maintenance" items.

By my reckoning, today is Saint Andrew's day - To any Scots that know me, don't get too drunk the neet!! Enjoy your "new" bank holiday tomorrow - NB: We still don't have a Saint George's day bank holiday in England!!

I've watched a lot of films lately...... Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium; Kung Fu Panda; Indiana Jones; Prince Caspian; Iron Man, to name just a few that currently reside in my "rewriteable" dvd collection!?! I totally loved Kung Fu Panda - Didn't expect to, but it contains some great kung fu elements and serves as a great tribute/homage to some films I have loved over the years.

A weekend of dog-sitting culminated in an early Sunday morning frosty walk around Pighill Wood - A place I love. I take this same picture from below Nettleton Hill in all manner of weather and all times of day just because it's a good view across to Castle Hill. What you get here is (fore to back) Golcar, Milnsbridge, Crosland Moor, Newsome, Hall Bower, Castle Hill - All in one go...

If I could only learn to hold the camera horizontal.

Get well soon Dawn X.


  1. Great shot! How was Prince Caspian?

  2. Tami - Thanks - Not as good as the first 'un.... I watched it with Dawn and she hadn't seen the first one and didn't really get a lot of it until quite late on.... the first half of the film was a bit of a struggle by my reckoning..... it floundered!! Still, if you're a fan.... I didn't pay for it so I can't complain.


  3. Mr Fox, my only criticisms of an excellent and potentially iconic photograph are; 1/ as you have already pointed out, the tilted image and 2/ the use of a tripd to ensure a pin sharp shot. Other than this I could see your image being a real award winner.

  4. Spice - I invested in OIS to combat my delirium tremors..... if that's not good enough then who am I to start spending money on a decent manfroto?? Glad you liked it it (sort of) - subject - award winning; execution - vaguely amateur!!! Ta!!

  5. Fox, it wasn't meant as a backhanded compliment. With the rise of commercial online photo libraries there is huge potential for good amateur photographers to earn considerable sums of money from the sale of their pictures. With you having time on your hands and spending your leisure in some of the most dramatic & photogenic countryside in the world you're missing an opportunity to turn your pleasure into cash. And I'm not talking peanuts here, I know someone who has just passed the milestone of 500,000 sales of their pictures. That's not 500,000 different pictures, btw, as there are repeat sales of the same shots since they only sell reproduction rights, not the photograph itself. All of which works out as an awful lot of money for doing what they would do anyway just for fun. Also, bear in mind that technology can add as many problems as it cures. Anti shake systems can have the opposite effect when the light conditions and shutter speed don't require them to be used.

  6. I knew it was a compliment, and coming from you (taker of the finest portrait of me that I possess) I also appreciated the gravity of said compliment. Your encouragement is gratefully received. I was merely making light of the fact that most of my photography makes use of the anomalies that the technology presents…. Sheer fluke and not something I would dare to attempt to make a career from!! Thanks for caring!!

  7. I Love Castle Hill.'Something Mystical about that Place.......

  8. you still not got that boiler sorted? it must be like the north pole exploration tent in your house!