Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quite amazingly.

No matter how hard I try to keep up with my blog, it just seems to run away from me. I can't believe I didn't make a post since Thursday already!!

What have I been doing that's been so exciting?

Drinking beer mostly.

Took a trip into York yesterday and even managed a trip to the splendid and very friendly York Brewery. Took the tour and drank the splendid beer. Very enjoyable. You can't beat a drop of Yorkshire Terrier or a pint of Guzzler!!

Oystercatchers in Anglesey. Having never seen an oystercatcher up close before, I was pleased to grab a snap of this one, even though I had to squelch out into the mud of a low tide to get near enough to them. Lovely orange beak and I love the seaweed covered rock behind it too.


  1. 10 days ago I went to The Marble Arch Pub in Manchester.You been?They brew on site & do an Amazing 5 per cent Ginger Beer! Brilliant Stuff!

  2. Best thing is hearing oystercatchers at night. Characteristic plaintive cry.

  3. Almost as plaintive as the cries uttered by Arctic Foxes when the barman calls last orders.

  4. Good photo. They always fly away when I try to get close enough to photograph them!

  5. beer or blogging, of course, it's the natural choice! i think i'll go now and crack open a bottle of badger's finest ...

  6. First-time visitor from Yorkshire Pudding's blog. The heck with the oystercatcher, you've overlooked entirely your magnificent capture of the Loch Ness Monster just behind it! See how cleverly it camoflaged itself as a seaweed-covered rock to fool the unobservant.

    I haven't been drinking beer; I am completely sober. Beer looks, smells, and tastes as though it has been through a horse first.

    In the background, a male Loch Ness Monster seems to be closing in on the female.