Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Careful what you wish for.

Yesterday I was bemoaning our indecisive weather patterns. Today in a reversal of barometric pressure, we've had sunshine (and lollipops) and rather mild weather.

Woken with sun screaming around my curtain, directly into my eyes, where it would take until the afternoon to reach in summer, it now reaches by nine in the morning. I'm not complaining, but I notice how far round and how low in the sky, the old orange ball has really managed to let itself go.

I leapt out of bed (in my own inimitable fashion) and set off to buy myself some serious wet weather walking equipment. Although the weather's better today, you just know that underfoot it's going to be.... soggy, to say the least. I buy some nice wellington boots and some gaiters - I pay too much for them and say a little prayer that I might be able to persuade someone to contribute towards them by way of a christmas gift??

I can't remember the last time I wore wellington boots.... they take some getting used to and they're very tiring to walk in, but I manage a little outing to Pighill Woods and Nettleton Hill, from where I can see Drax power station (some thirty five miles away) whilst standing in thick leaf mould with dry feet!! Lovely clear, sunny conditions.

I'm very pleased with my attempt at putting the leaves back on the trees in this picture. I hope that this makes up for posting a picture of some scary trees yesterday. Pighill Woods walking in wellies!! This is one of those images that you really need to click and view at full scale to appreciate the colours, details and depth.


  1. Very inventive, me old sprongmeister.

  2. Wow! The picture is very good.

  3. I'd love to paint that picture...impressionistic-style. Gorgeous.

  4. the fox in wellies ... ha ha ha!!

  5. YP, Toad, Tami, Katherine - thanks for the nice comments about my picture - glad you enjoyed it - feel free to paint it if that's your bag!!

    Maxxo - These (of course) are not just any old wellies!! They are neoprene lined, hand built, vulcanised natural rubber, gusseted calf, metal shanked insole, hiking sole, square heeled wellington boots!!! I don't do things by halves!! Apparently they are ideal for the dog walker, so all I need now is a dog!!


  6. Yes, Fox, but are they any good for sheep?

  7. That is a great photo FoX and thanks for popping by I have once agin been neglecting my blogging duties both reading and writing

    Sir Dan of Woo