Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back to black!

No, don't worry, I haven't softened and started to like Amy Winehouse.... I still think she's a waste of space and ought to relinquish her grip on oxygen for someone who might use with more gusto.

I have in fact returned to Black Moss reservoir for the first time September 16th 2007 - I know this is the date because I took photographic evidence of my journey there and the maintenance work that was going on at that time. I am pleased to say that on this particular occasion, the weather was better, my camera was better, and the reservoir was all fixed and full of water.

We managed a really lovely seven mile stretch of the Pennine Way, which of course wound up in Marsden at the Riverhead brewery tap..... and after a walk around Black Moss, what better finish than to find that they had Black Moss Stout on tap.... delicious!

I know Dawn will kill me for uploading this picture - it's not the most flattering picture I have ever taken of her!!! What this picture DOES manage to convey (on my behalf) is: This was taken moments before I realised that I had left my bottle of water on my kitchen table; Dawn and Stevie both enjoyed the walk with me; This is where we sat to eat our lunch on the sandy bank of Black Moss Reservoir; Blue skies; Black water; Autumnal shades of peaty moorland; Note the hat, it was deceptively chilly in the breeze.

You can of course read about my original trip and see the photos here!


  1. More to the point, why did you take the bathroom curtains with you?

  2. Toad, you're not far from the mark.... it's actually Dawn's prized possession, her Cath Kidston cagoul, which of course, on this occasion had saved our arses from a soaking whilst we sat and ate lunch - the real bonus of such an item is that it's small pack size and light weight make it ideal for a rucksack type emergency waterproof - lucky toads don't need them!! On the whole, I tend to think of it as one of the lesser bathroom curtain type items on sale:

  3. Don't be fooled Mr Fox, we toads are not quite as waterproof as you might think - we have been known to leak. We also occasionally like to stride out wearing colourful ensembles such as that enjoyed by Mrs Fox.