Monday, October 13, 2008

Best foot forward.

I've been walking... A LOT. Aged forty, with middle age spread (which is presumably beer inflicted) making its presence well and truly known, I am trying to be a little bit more active inbetween the pint glass raising sessions. I've lost count of the number of walks that I have done recently, but if you'll bear with me while I post a few pictures from some of them, then we can recall some of my footsteps together.

Grid reference SE 00565 10990 - A brief moment of elation and enjoyment, sadly punctuated a few minutes later by me missing the right hand fork in the track, ending up on the Oldham Way (instead of the Pennine Way), taking a "shortcut" across some open moorland, and inevitably, and ever so predictably, falling thigh deep into a bog!! The final six miles of this 14 mile walk were completed with my stinking, muddy trousers stuck to my legs and a severe amount of chafing!!


  1. sounds super. i'm off to the peak district soon, to do some walking ... a place i've never been.

  2. I did THE PENNINE WAY many years ago.Some Fine Pubs Along The Way!

  3. Glad to see your probation officer has let you back on a computer after a full month's break. You know you should never have pinched that poor kid's BMX!

    Before falling into a bog, it's always advisable to flush it first.