Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An ill wind.

In a few weeks I will be forty. We are booked to go off to Wales for a few days to celebrate by walking up Mount Snowdon. I like to try some sort of active pursuit to celebrate my birthdays, and last year was a Lake District walk from Keswick to the top of Catbells. With this in mind, I thought I had better get back into my walking shoes and get some miles under my belt so I don't end up breaking myself over the course of the weekend that we are away. I found a book of local walks that was written by one of my old school teachers and decided to get out there and crack a few Colne Valley circular walks.... I managed a three mile ramble around Blackmoorfoot Reservoir and into the village of Helme and then I walked a four mile route around Deer Hill Reservoir. Today is the first time I've had to use my new waterproofs in anger!!

I had a great walk and the book that took me there was very good too.

Deer Hill End Road..... a self portrait that made me laugh. Wearing my VERY unfashionable walking hat under my hood, complete with waterproof pants..... you can see the rain clouds that passed overhead as they disappear into the distance behind me.


  1. Yup, Foxy. You know you're getting old when you start to need waterproof pants. (snirk, snirk)

  2. FoX...it is not fun walking arround wearing waterproof clothes...wheres the fun of getting wet?

  3. All you need is a good coating of pond slime. Works for me.

    By the way - who is this Toadi person who seems to be impersonating me?

    Damn cheek. There's only ONE Toad and that's this toad.

  4. I've warned you before about Deer Hill - my dad has a shotgun and everything.

  5. very dashing in the gore-tex, there. not going for the subtle look then ...