Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday schmunday.

When I used to have a job (a couple of years ago!!) I used to hate Sunday because I knew it meant that I'd have to go to work on the very next day, and the Sunday evening always seemed a bit sombre and depressing. Now I just hate Sunday because my lovely girlfriend has to go home and carry on with her life while I get back on with mine..... bah!!

A lovely Henry Moore sculpture courtesy of the fantastic Yorkshire Sculpture Park which I took my Canadian family members to see last week. Rain fell heavily but our spirits were not dampened.


  1. That sculpture speaks to me about the juxtaposition of wealth and poverty in a post-industrial world and there are also elements of the sculptor's self-doubts and obsession with natural forms woven into the surface texture. It is also about man's spiritual aspirations thwarted as they always are by the physicality of the human form....

    (A Load Of Bollocks)

  2. Sometimes you don't need to interpret art for it to actually have any value.... just look at the blue sky and the cloud behind it and put it in the context of a working farm and sculpture park..... and you've got a little piece of magic that only existed for the split second that I was there!!

  3. Man, that penguin rocks. Cool, dude!