Saturday, August 16, 2008

Old Salt.

Just because I probably won't get proper time on Saturday for real (it's just after midnight, so technically it really is Saturday), I thought I'd better at least try to keep up the posting.

Dawn, enjoying a drink of Weston's organic cider at Fanny's Ale House in Saltaire near Bradford, last weekend. For those that don't know Saltaire, it's a world heritage site which is made up of a mill and housing created by Titus Salt. It's worth a journey there to see some cool David Hockney works, and more importantly it's bloody free!!


  1. What happened? Why did you suddenly stop posting? I kept checking your blog but week after week there was nothing new. Have you been locked up for a while or was there some more mundane reason for the silence?

  2. Hello Foxy!

    Long time reader first time caller.....

    Okay, that's not exactly true but I just thought I'd drop by and say a brief "Hello" from the land of the wandering dingoes (Yep, I'm in Australia). Get in touch sometime

  3. hello mate, good to have you back. i'm liking the shorter posts too ... ;o)

  4. Saltaire is the ONLY nice part of Bradford.