Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving along....

.... at the pace of.... well, of course a picture speaks a thousand words, or so they say!!

I'm trying to write a "reading" for my cousin's wedding.... unsuccessfully, I hasten to add!! This is made doubly difficult by having submitted a first draft for approval and now completely changing my mind!!

A simple close-up of a snail in my garden that appeared in the middle of the lawn while I hacked a few trees to bits earlier this "summer".


  1. Trying to write a "reading"? What, you mean like a best man's speech or something? Think of who will be there - your audience and remember that wedding audiences are usually the most pleasant and forgiving you will ever encounter. They'll be "with" you as long as you are not too sleazy!

  2. The snail appears to be smiling. How strange!

  3. i love snails. they are fascinating to watch. their tentacles are like space men exploring the moon.