Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knock knock....

Who's there?

A man clutching jump leads and a pregnant sobbing wife.

A man clutching jump leads and a pregnant sobbing wife, who?

It's not a joke, it's the modern day biblical tale of what happened at my house last night, or rather this morning at one thirty AM.

They wanted a lift to their car out on the dark moors to see if I could manage to help them get it started...... are you mad? Suffice to say, as much as I'd like to have helped them out in their predicament, I'm not about to go riding out into the moors with strangers offering money at any time of day!!

Bad times.

Deanhead church, in the area of Scammonden Dam near where I go riding my mountain bike. A truly lovely little part olf the world.


  1. At least you answered the door. I'd have just stayed in bed.

  2. Nice pic, Fox, Last time I was at that church it was for a funeral. I have to confess I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw the photograph. But it didn't raise only bad memories so all is well.

    As for the Samaritan act - or lack of it - it is a very sad indictment of the way the world has become.

  3. So what did happen to the man and his wife??
    Pol x

  4. Had they not heard of the AA, the RAC or National Breakdown? To me, if you drive a car you need to be in one of these organisations - just in case. Good heavens you probably saved yourself from a fate worse than death! How horrid it would have been if "The Huddersfield Bugle" had headlined with FOX BUGGERED ON'T MOORS!

  5. I just hope this wasn't a precursor to the Second Coming of Christ and you just turned away a modern day Mary & Joseph.