Saturday, May 31, 2008

With all the good will in the world.

I try to be a better blogger. I try to set time aside each day to read, write and comment on as many blogs as I can get through. In reality, I am just too frikking lazy or preoccupied to get on with it. I actually outprocrastinate myself by avoiding the tasks that used to keep me from doing other things by doing even more outlandish things like walking or drinking or gardening or heaven forbid.... shopping!!

And so it seems quite apt that I should continue my list of things to do when you can't be arsed to write a blog.....

2) A selection of "youtube" videos (Youtube videos in blogs is just about the laziest thing ever!!).

a) Simpsons are always a cheap shot. Here's every "couch" scene.....

b) In true Harry Hill style, here's some "you've been framed" type action.


  1. Grimble GrombleSunday, 01 June, 2008

    Snirk! Or snork?

  2. This procrastination was witnessed by Det.Insp. Y. Pudding of the Blogging Police and will be duly reported if he can find the energy to make the call.