Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sod's law and Tupperware®

As soon as I mentioned the hot weather, you could have honestly predicted a steady drop in temperature. to the point where I even had to don a smart knitted item on my extremely toned upper body (thanks to Wii Fit - I am still overweight, but persistent if nothing else).

The other thing that the law of sod spoke to me about recently is my choice of Tupperware® container. It might seem trivial, but that's my middle name.... Tupperware® - just joking!! How come, whenever there's something that needs to be sealed with that yummy polycarbonate freshness and kept until it needs to be thrown away, then I reach for my plastic friends.... I choose an appropriate sized container, turn around to the work surface where said item destined for the fridge is waiting, and lo and behold.... the Tupperware® tardis effect has kicked in......

The size of container I have selected is always too big. I have tried selecting ones that I know to be too small, but whatever it is that needs to go into this controversially (potentially, but hotly denied) harmful plastic coffin, will still amply fit into the container.

Is it just me that has this refrigerated storage box related dilemma?

PS: Yorkshire Pud - Sorry to burst your little bubble of... well, let's not even imagine.... Love Soup is a BBC Sitcom, starring the fantastic Tamsin Greig and written by the talented David Renwick (of One Foot in the Grave fame)... it's very funny but I don't think many people know about it.


  1. Ah - so YOU'RE responsible.

    It's partly my fault too though. I bought some new sunglasses on Monday.

  2. how does Wii Fit work then ... fancy giving us a demonstration?

  3. Ahhh Wii Fit, we looked at buying this but thought that the base did not look stable enough for some of the yoga positions etc.

    Do you think its a worthwhile investment, we are 50/50 on getting either Xbox 360 rockband or saving some cash to get wii Fit...

    Hmmm Choices.

  4. I'm with Maxxo, think a video of you using Wii Fit is in order lol
    Pol x

  5. A Passing Doggerel ArtistFriday, 16 May, 2008

    This is a tale of a too plump Fox,
    He's plump from his head to the end of his sox,
    The cause of the girth is a lack of motion,
    And two years on he's a big as an ocean.

    Lard, all lard, cried the mouse in his house,
    And all from beer, (he's a bit of a souse).
    They'll be wheeling him out, if he gets any bigger,
    Just what did happen to that slim Fox figure?