Friday, May 16, 2008


This is a tale of a too plump Fox,
He's plump from his head to the end of his sox,
The cause of the girth is a lack of motion,
And two years on he's a big as an ocean.

Lard, all lard,
cried the mouse in his house,
And all from beer, (he's a bit of a souse).
They'll be wheeling him out, if he gets any bigger,
Just what did happen to that slim Fox figure?


Sit tight and I'll tell you the fantastic tale,
how the fox got quite big from just supping on ale.
He stopped eating food only peanut butter and bread,
deep fried with bananas, just like the the King said....

In order to get himself clean every day,
A rag on a stick was the only good way.
One day in a skin fold, when lifted, they saw....
A mouse, in a house, and some clogs on the floor.

When asked how it happened, he just couldn't say,
He simply rolled over and waved them away.
The mouse house spilled out and it went with a bang.
He'd been living in a windmill in an under-arm-jam.


  1. Return Of The Doggerel ArtistSaturday, 17 May, 2008

    Great to see a reply in verse,
    I expected you snapping and being quite terse.
    It goes to show you're a cheery old dog,
    And adds some sparkle to the Fox's blog.

  2. Simon Armitage is from your neck of the woods but this clearly wasn't Simon Armitage! Even so, rather grudgingly, I must admit it was clever!