Monday, May 12, 2008

Mad dogs....

...and this very English man, invariably go out in the midday sun.

Well circumstances have truly conspired to keep me away from my blog.

First came the absence of beer, which coincided with the purchase and subsequent investment of several days of Mario Karting on my Wii.

Next came the great beer flood of May... the month of mild and the mild festivals.

Next came the weather.... it's been bloody great weather for more than one week, and in England, this generally constitutes "summer". I have indeed been making hay while the sun shines.... I've been out on my bike a bit.... I've been walking quite a lot.... and shock, horror, I've even been seen in the garden, weeding, planting, mowing, raking, sweeping, eating, drinking and generally mooching.

Not long after the glorious weather arrived, the Wii Fit arrived.... if you haven't seen it then where have you been? It's a fancy-schmancy pair of tilt sensitive weighing scales that connect to the Wii and help you "get fit" through a series of exercise types... aerobic, yoga, muscle, and balance..... It's accounted for some very sweaty afternoons and a goodly amount of my missing blog time.

It's not much to show for my missing time..... Small amounts of the remainder have been made up of (perm any combo of the following):

snoozing; eating; cooking; age of empires; nintendo ds; snooker; radio 7; cancellation of sky account; cancellation of an ongoing epic order (email transcript to follow when concluded) with eDirectory (what is it with companies that start with e? - ie. eGears... eDirectory); dexter; heroes; freesat; love soup; gavin and stacey; pushing daisies; deal or no deal; pogo;

Normal service will be resumed as soon as it starts raining!!


  1. What the hell is "love soup"? Didn't Barry White like to dish out big servings of this stuff? I am sure it's a naughty euphemism. Bad Fox!

  2. it's raining today, and true to your word, you pop in on my blog. bless ya!