Sunday, April 13, 2008


... and slacker.

I've written a few blog entries over the past couple of weeks but I never got round to finishing them, and they certainly weren't in any fit state to publish.

I've been totally busy doing absolutely nothing.

The job interview turned to mush, and I was fobbed off with the best management one-liner ever.... "it's not so much what you didn't have as what the other candidate did have" - How to turn a negative into a positive 101 - What a load of bullshit, as surely both eventualities amount to the same thing.

Erm... what else.....

The internet service provider transition went really well (contrary to popular belief) and I only lost a couple of hours of connection time. Previously I was paying twenty five pounds a month for a 512/128Kbps (down/up) connection.... Now I'm paying seven and a half pounds a month for a 2825/1060Kbps connection - That HAS to be a result in anyone's book. It's just as stable as it was before, and the only thing I lost......

Gripe: My old service provider gave me a small amount of webspace that had unlimited data restrictions applied. I used to host my mp3 files there so I could play you a bit of music while you looked at my blog. I tried to switch this file over to some webspace that I pay for, but the sheer volume of data that ends up being transferred to play the file is costing me too much. Silence descends upon my blog in more ways than one!!

What else have I been doing then that's kept me so busy?

Nowt really.... I've been out on my bike a few times.... I've played some Nintendo (probably a bit too much for my own good).... I've drunk a bit of beer (finally got round to drinking some Mancy Mild from the Pictish Brewery in Rochdale and it was delicious).... I've drunk a bit of cider..... I've eaten loads of fruit and veg and done loads of cooking..... Baked a load of bread.... watched loads of TV.... loads of DVDs..... loads of movies.......

Good things I've watched recently include:

Dead Man's Shoes.
Gavin and Stacey Series 1.
Dexter Series 1.
Keith Lemon's World Tour.

Good games I've played recently include:

Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)
Wii Play (Wii)
Picross (DS)

Jobs applied for in the last week:



  1. Welcome back. Can't you use the space you have on the Skydrive folder on your old blog to host your music?

  2. Good to have you back :0)
    Pol x

  3. We miss you when you can't be arsed to be here, ;-)

    Dead Man's Shoes is a great flick.