Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hell to pay.

Customer service. I bang on about it. I never stop being aware of it. I give credit where it's due, and I certainly don't hold back when I've been let down... and let down, I have been!!

Sky customer services.... waited in all day for the engineer to come to fix my unsightly satellite dish. I took great pains to explain that my house is three stories high, and beyond that the dish is attached to the chimney.... so imagine my chagrin when Conrad arrives and his opening gambit is:

"You've no chance mate!"

Mere fractions of an hour later and Sky customer services are on the phone to me telling me confidently that, not only will Conrad not fix my problem, but I am not a Sky customer, that they never installed the system, that I've never bought any equipment from them, and that I don't subscribe to their services.

"I do." I protest.

"You don't" comes the voice down the wire.....

Pantomime ensues for several minutes before I suggest she looks harder at the computer screen.... much harder!!

A twenty minute phone call establishes that I do indeed have Sky TV... that I am a paid up subscriber, that they fitted the equipment, that they supplied everything, and ..... Guess what??

We finally establish that I have a high roof, and that Conrad will not fix my problem.

Someone else is going to call on Thursday this week, and I fully expect round two of exactly the same thing.

I could go on and regale you with further tales of dissatisfaction, but then what will I moan about tomorrow?


  1. Did i tell you Niece Claire works for Sky Customer Services nowadays, sounds like her lol
    Pol x

  2. Thursdays going to be a good day then! Whats the percentage (??) on a happy outcome!!!

  3. i don't dare touch sky. i just go down the pub - or gym - to watch the big games.

  4. A friend of mine had a similar experience. The bloke they sent round was "afraid of heights".

    Hmm. Think he might be in the wrong job, perchance?

  5. Happy ending? Norfolk & Chance would be a couple of choice words for the outcome. I predict the chimney falls in, the roof collapses following the chimney fall and then worst rainstorm for a thousand years hits Huddersfield on Thursday night.