Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whisky makes you frisky.

Brandy makes you randy.

And beer.......? I'm off to the festival of course!!

Yes folks, the first ever beer festival I attended was the Leeds beer, cider and perry festival, and that time of year is upon us again!!

During the course of this weekend, they'll be serving up a mouth-watering 150 ales and a choice of 25 ciders and perries. I am SO looking forward to it.

As if that wasn't enough.....

Next week is The Star's beer festival at Folly Hall in Huddersfield, and theirs (as pub festivals go) is the pinnacle my friends!!

Roll out the barrel.... hic!


  1. I presume there will be no lolling about the mouth - getting the essence, enjoying the aroma and then spitting it out in a bucket then?

  2. Darn it. Beer festival in Leeds and I'm not actually in Leeds today. I've not had a beer since mid-December (not that I'm counting or anything) and a beer festival would surely be a great way to start to appreciate the finer points of boozin'.

    Still, think of all the money I've saved and then spent on cigarettes.

  3. I might be at the Leeds beer fest myself. I'll keep an eye out for you and say hello.

  4. Whisky makes you frisky
    Brandy makes you randy
    Gin makes you sin
    Lagger makes you stagger*
    Sherry makes you merry
    Wine makes you shine
    Beer makes you queer
    Soft drinks make you think "What the bloody hell am I doing in this effing pub?"

    *or Lager makes you stager.

  5. The new tune suggests you're back to normal.

  6. Dont Drink Out Of Any Damp Glasses!