Sunday, March 23, 2008

Searching on a snoozy Sunday.

Well, after some fine tapas (at Les Caveaux in Holmfirth) and a couple of beers (at the Barge and Barrel in Elland) last evening, it turned into a snow laden, relaxed, snoozy Sunday.

Here's some searches to cheer you up.

black beer and raisin wine (Google)
It's a firm favourite of my lovely girlfriend, and I'm quite fond of it too. I've been to two pubs that serve it: The Head of Steam in Huddersfield and The Maltings in York. From what I can gather, there are two different types of black beer and raisin wine, and they're made by Gales and Lindisfarne.

KRUMLIN - 1970 pictures (Google)
There's not really a lot of info about this here washed-out festival - The most I can find is here. I think my dad went there..... I think Tony might know something about it if you ask nicely!!

"fat tulip" "garden" "download" (Google)
Pre Baldric, pre time-team.... Tony Robinson at his best telling tales of Fat Tuplip's Garden!!

how long does an arctic fox live with its mom (Google)
I left home when I was twenty one.... next question.

Today's temperature in Golcar (Google)
Cold! Seriously if you want weather, then look across at my weather widget on the right hand side and you'll see what it is like in Golcar.... I don't live more than a mile or two away.

I Like toast. A little bit o' toast. White bread, brown bread (Google)
Paul Young and the Streetband? Toast? A great song, and one that inspired my lifelong love of bread based produce. How did Paul Young ever turn so crap? (Wherever I lay my hat?? Everytime you go away??) - Song lyrics and a video too.

The Star Beer Festival, Folly Hall, Huddersfield 2008 (Google)
Look under events, but be quick it will finish by the end of today!! I recommend "Hot Cross Bunny" (It's very hoppy - geddit?) from the Goose Eye Brewery at Keighley.... delicious!!

rodney alan greenblatt (Google)
Ah, artist behind Parappa the Rapper, Um Jammer Lammy, Parappa 2 and lots of other cool stuff.... but not many others that turned into fabulous cult video games!! You can find him here, and Parappa here!!

cupwith reservoir (Google)
I love Cupwith Reservoir and I love the Riverhead's Cupwith Special beer too!! Here are a couple of my Cupwith photos. Nothing quite like blowing your own trumpet is there?

how do you describe words like ning nang nong on spike milligans poem (Google)
Nonsense.... how do you describe them?


  1. Foxy boy, I can remember, as a teenager, being in awe of those who had been old enough to attend the Yorkshire Jazz & Blues Festival. For the rock music loving generation that followed afterwards it took on the same semi-legendary status as other major local events such as Pink Floyd (and others) playing at the Builder's Club in Huddersfield, the Beatles playing the ABC cinema (which my sister actually attended) and Jimi Hendrix playing a gig at the Troutbeck Hotel in Ilkley. Strange, but true.

  2. Jimi played the Troutbeck Hotel in Ilkley!! Is That True?! Before he died????
    Ha! Bloody Krumlin.A Shambles! My Best Memories of it? Well the weather was shite , but it was my first "Festival" so assumed they all had shit weather (even in California!!???).I saw Sandy Denny play Live!
    Oh.A Londoner came up to me & asked
    Where Are The Toilets Mannn...... I was so Proud! To mistaken for a Real Hippy