Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thankfully, it is exceedingly rare to have a day as traumatic as this one.

Not one, but two of my all time heroes have passed away.

The first person to have sadly shuffled is the legendary Arthur C. Clarke. He brought us the geostationary satellite, The Sentinel (precursor to 2001: A Space Odyssey) and was generally a sci-fi visionary. I suckled at the teat of Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World. It makes me sad to think that we have lost such a fantastic mind. I feel privileged to have crossed lifetimes with this space-age soothsayer!!

Arthur C Clarke (1917 - 2008)

The second person, whose passing I am mourning today is John Hewer. He was a childhood hero, and probably did more to promote healthy eating to kids than Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, and Nigella Lawson all rolled into one big sponge cake. Ok, so I admit, I can only imagine you are now wondering who this piscatorial pioneer that's cashed his frozen chips might be.... here's a clue:

John Hewer (1922 - 2008) - Captain Birdseye (1967 - 1998)

After a quick trip to the beer festival at The Star at Folly Hall tonight, I am going to retire to my sofa and sob into my fish finger butty while I watch 2001 a Space Odyssey.


  1. it in the paper this morning, very sad :0(
    Pol x

  2. You will be very disappointed when the dark side of Captain B. is revealed.

  3. Whilst on that sofa, I suspect that you'll be tugging on your laptop - that is if your hard drive is still functioning. Captain Birdseye was himself not averse to being tugged - especially when entering a tight harbour entrance.

  4. wow, sad news,, but wanted to leave you a good comment,as love your page,, great sense of humour too, love the random shopping pics etc too

    regards, another yorkshire lass

  5. Hey, Foxl - I always thought there was more than one Captain Birdseye. Where did I get that Idea, then?

  6. They Both Now Are Swimming In A Different Ocean.