Wednesday, March 05, 2008


None of us is as young as we used to be.

The symptoms of this aging disease appear to be:

a) I think I may well now be unemployable!?!
b) A bike ride now leaves me with aching bones in my wrists!!
c) Where I used to take weed and hash pipes round to my mates, I now take freshly cooked warm loaves of bread.

I went on a bike ride yesterday evening, and it was hard work. The muddy bits were just difficult to pedal through. The bumpy bits were just hard on the bones and the body. The road bits were just hard on my arse 'cos I have a saddle like a razor blade. So, all in all it was a good bike ride!! Here are a couple of pictures that I managed to take during the breathers we took.

A view towards Norland Moor from Turley Cote Lane.

Disused brickworks at Blackley.

As for employment.... I've now applied for a grand total of two jobs, and haven't been invited to interview for either of them!! Anyone got a job for me?

As far as the loaves go, perhaps I am over procrastinating to compensate for my lack of desire to complete an online job application, but I've spent the whole day cooking. I've made two Parmesan and sun-dried tomato loaves. I've cooked enough spicy bean stew to feed an army, and enough brown rice to feed anyone else that still feels hungry. The kitchen (as a procrastination positive side-effect) is now quite clean and tidy!!

Every cloud has a silver lining I guess.... back to Tangram-mania for me!!


  1. I must be getting settled here 'cause I'm finding I can look at moorland photographs and not feel the slightest twinge of nostalgia. Wouldn't mind a loaf of freshly baked bread though.

  2. Keep telling you, start your own business and ill do the books, i want a decent wage though!
    Pol :0)

  3. You want to invest in a gel saddle Mr Fox.

    So you not fancy doing a Farmers Market what with your bread and your Mothers chickens? Food for thought.


  4. put some velcro on your bum. that'll stick you to the saddle so you get no jiggles over the bumps.

    what sort of job you after, then? baker?

  5. I sympathise with the old age thing. I can't walk half as far as I used to without getting knackered, and seem to spend my whole life in an achy, bleary-eyed daze.

    Don't give up on the job hunt after just TWO applications though - perseverance pays off. (Or so I'm told!)

  6. I'm with rol. I don't know what your line of work is, but 2 job apps seems a rather low threshold for deciding you're unemployable.

  7. Can't you buy one of those soothing gel saddles to protect your sore arse from further damage? Besides are you sure its the saddle that's doing it and not the window cleaner - wink, wink! Regarding jobs, I have heard that there is an opening for a male pole dancer at the pub in Honley after the local WI have finished their monthly meetings. You might be just the man.