Saturday, March 01, 2008


Happy Saint David's day to you all.... daffodils and leeks indeed!!

Does anyone remember as far back as my experience with the humane rat trap that I bought from B&Q for about fifteen quid? It was back when I had a rat in my garden that was hoovering up the stray bird food. The trap didn't work. I stopped feeding the birds so much for a brief spell and the rat eventually buggered off to pastures greener.

Well, I can now confirm that the rat trap that failed for me has scored in its new location (under someone else's bird feeders!!). Today, near a hotel at Scapegoat Hill, I released my first ever humanely trapped wild rat, back into the wild!! Quite satisfying, and you could tell old ratty was relieved not to be having a spade smacked down on the back of his head!!

They do say "Feed the birds, feed the rats" but as long as those rats are on the outside and not on the inside of my house, then I won't be too angered by them.

My latest "fad" - I use this term loosely, as this is how anything I am remotely interested in gets labelled.... encouragement might be more appropriate than to habitually pour disdain on my interests. - Anyhow, my latest "fad" (even I refer to it as a fad now, I am so damaged!!) is bread making.

I have inherited the family bread making machine. It's not a Rolls Royce of machines, but it serves a purpose and it works. This week I've made two wholemeal granary loaves and I sort of invented a cinnamon and raisin loaf (not that I discovered it, just that I poured random amounts of stuff into the machine to see what would happen).

It was Friday night, about ten PM. I sat chuckling to myself, tucking into my latest dough-based excursion. I think when your Friday night's entertainment is bread related, then it's a sure fire sign that you're getting old!!

Did anyone notice I've spent some money on a new webcam? You now get a better picture when viewing the amaryllis cam!!


  1. I always Thought you blokes in Huddersfield had a lot of Dough!
    Did you have the rat long enough to name him?

  2. It's better than loafing about all evening.

  3. You could have used some of your bread making skills to devise a rat kebab. How could you allow all that protein to simply run away? Ye big softie!

  4. My amaryllis is ahead of yours, being actually in flower, but it's rather pathetic, with just one stem. It is also something of a miracle that it's alive at all. I got it several years ago and it flowered once. Then I think I overwatered it, and it looked as though the bulb was rotten. It languished in the greenhouse for ages, then I eventually brought it into the house and nurtured it in the 'office'. It never had more than 2 leaves, generally only 1. Finally, Jenny put it in the utility room, ready to dump it on the compost heap. I only retrieved it because I spotted the bud just appearing. I think it knew it was doomed, so flowered one last time. I expect to to die of exhaustion the minute the flowers fade!

  5. You realise that rats have homing instincts and that it'll be back within the week? Scapegoat Hill wasn't far enough... but don't bring it any further into Slawit next time, ta!