Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's a meme.

Many thanks to Yorkshire Pud for tugging me senseless!! You don't often get to utter a sentence as intriguing as that one, do you?

It's all about meme!!

4 movies I'd watch again
Evil Dead (all three of them, but I will generously count this as one choice).
Whisky Galore.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (just to spot Yorkshire Pudding charging over the horizon).
Mon Oncle.

4 places I've lived
Pole Moor (in Huddersfield).
Outlane (in Huddersfield).
Birkby (in Huddersfield).
Edinburgh (briefly, for work, not in Huddersfield).

4 TV shows I watch
Difficult to say,as the seasonal programming changes what I watch on an almost weekly basis. I NEVER watch soaps. Currently:
Harry Hill's TV Burp.
Keith Lemon's World Tour.
Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

4 people I email
Anyone who gives me bad customer service.
Anyone who gives me good customer service.
Sometimes my mum and Fred.
I don't really use email...... I use messenger and I text from my phone a lot.

4 things I eat
Bread and all associated bread-type products (muffins, crumpets, teacakes, currant teacakes, croissants etc etc).
Cheese (it's my downfall in life.... I was much thinner when I was a vegan!!).
Marmite (I bloody loves it).
Liquorice (in all its shapes and forms - allsorts, pontefract cakes, poor bens, those whirly wheel things etc etc).

4 places I'd rather be
Hmmm... this is tough because the answers are fluid and don't remain the same for more than a mere fraction of a second at a time..... right about now I'd rather be:
With the missus, curled up on the sofa with a cuppa and a bun, watching some of the programmes mentioned previously.
At the Riverhead in Marsden drinking a pint of Sparth Mild or Cupwith Sepcial (with the missus of course).
In a noisy video game arcade, like the ones that used to exist in the good old days (not sure she'd want to accompany me there).
Although I've never been there, I'd like to be on a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee plantation (as a visitor, not a poorly paid, exploited worker of course!!).

It is customary to perpetuate these "memes" by tagging or tugging a given number of people in return for being tugged. I'm far too non-conformist to oblige, but I'd like to hear Rol's movies or TV answers..... spice the cat's places he'd rather be........ Polgara's list of confidential email addresses...... and Pixie's places she'd rather be....... so if any of you can be arsed..... or need something to blog about..... get on with it!!


  1. Oh Mr Fox I love it. Right now I would love to be in Spittalfields Market in London with a £1,000 in my pocket, my Canon 5D around my neck. I would buy the most deliciously quirky jewellery, discreetly take pictures of the hustle of the market. From there I would wander out and visit one of the many tea shops. I would have a steaming cup of tea in a china cup accompanied by "a dainty" of some description.

    The V & A would be my next port of call, hopefully to visit an Exhibition the likes of Diane Arbus. I would then head to Kensington or Portobello road for a late lunch. I would people watch and indulge in a large crisp Frascati.

    Wandering from there I would go to Brick Lane and hunt through all the retro clothing shops for hours.

    On my way home I would stop at a Waterstones and choose a book for the journey home. Something atmospheric and timeless.

    My train awaits - first class of course - champagne on the way home - a few chocolates bought from a Chocolatier and my book.

    Then home to the arms of Mr P.

    Sounds good eh - but unfortunately I have the choice of the gym or trying to get my tash waxed -

    I need to be rich x

  2. Me and my big mouth lol, one meme coming up!
    Pol x

  3. Ahem! Tagged by the man who hates taggers. OK, I'll acquiesce.

    Ahem, again! You've changed your profile picture to one where you're... (gasp)... smoking. What message are you sending to all the children?

    Pixie - Diane Arbus, eh? Queen of the Rolleiflex and the champion of the strange, the weird and the downright freaky.

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  5. Mr Cat you are so knowledgeable!