Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ever get that feeling that you're hurtling towards an immovable object with less than an unstoppable force to back you up?

I mentioned before that I was making preparation to change internet service provider. Having done the maths, I'm possibly going to get approximately five times my current internet speed (currently a meagre 512/256 ADSL) and it's going to be almost a third of the price that I am currently paying.

It all sounds brilliant doesn't it?

So why do I get the feeling like I'm losing something?

Customer service... I'm a stickler for it and my current provider has been exemplary in that respect. My phone call today to request my MAC key to leave their excellent service was friendly, helpful, and truly broke my heart to let them go. It seems a shame that I am reduced to leaving them purely on the grounds of cost. A sign of the times, and the fact that I have not received a single penny into my bank account for the last eighteen months!!

The other thing which completely goes against my grain, is that the new service provider is a twelve month contract, and that's tragic. My current service provider has a rolling monthly contract with no tie-ins at all.

I am sobbing as I type.

And so.... as of 2nd April 2008, I'll have a new "improved" service, or no service at all!! I'm nervous and completely unconvinced that it will be painless exercise.

Prepare to entertain yourselves in a fox-free zone for a while!!

In other news.....

I'm sorry that amaryllis cam has not been updating recently.... I'm downloading a Malcolm in the Middle torrent that's twenty five gigabytes..... net result..... no cam updates.

I don't think my weather widget is working properly?!?

Bowling season is open. The first official games were yesterday, so you can look forward to some new, improved bowling cam, coming soon.... as soon as I have the MITM torrent!!


  1. I hope you have an easier transition between ISPs than I did. Bloody Orange!

  2. So which internet provider did you choose in the end??
    Pol x

  3. good luck - just DON'T choose orange. you will regret it!

  4. Funny... I've been considering changing ISPs as well... our rolling-monthly-contract folks are more expensive (like yours), slower (like yours), however, customer service is TERRIBLE. Two days in a row I have been down for several hours without warning or apology. Grrr...

    If only it were easier to make the switch!

    Good luck with yours! Keeping fingers crossed for you! :)