Saturday, March 22, 2008


Woke up this morning to bright, hot, white sunshine, streaming through the windows.

Fool's gold of course. The sun, albeit strong, was magnified tenfold by the couple of inches of snow that fell overnight.

I peered out into the garden and noticed a shrub that grows along my garden path, that climbs up the garden wall, and slightly over the top.... for the first time it's ever happened, had actually blown over into my garden. It's a variegated sort of thing, none too pretty, but it grows nicely and fills a big gap in the border.

Eventually I got out of bed (having exhausted my supply of Nintendo patience) and got dressed to go and deal with this weak willed shrub.... To my dismay, nestled amongst the broken debris of the shrub is a robin's nest complete with three baby blue speckled eggs in it.

These are DEFINITELY not the sort of eggs that I wished to receive for Easter!!

I've propped the shrub back up, and I've dug a garden fork in next to it and tied it for extra strength, but I am afraid that the robin may have already abandoned its station now.

It's a crying shame.


  1. Well Spring Has Sprung.Signs of Life i guess.Hey, sounds like you got more snow than here inHebden.......only a light dusting here.

  2. hope the robin comes back. perhaps you could hatch the eggs yourself?

    we just had a snowstorm here ... lasted for a minute, then bright sunshine. bizarre.

  3. awww foxy
    thats soo sad,, birds can be so fickle xx