Sunday, March 02, 2008

Every day...

... is mother's day!!

Today is Mothering Sunday..... I say that every day should be a special day for mums the whole world over!!

Here's my gift to all the mothers, a Super Sunday Search!!

clothes w/ animals on them arctic fox (Google)
Not sure if there is an arctic fox garment specifically.... but this question made me wonder where all those strange people buy their fleece jackets with moonlit wolves on? You know the types... they usually are two overweight middle aged people wearing matching garments.... they buy them here (apparently)

is egears any good (Google)
No!! Don't use them!!

artic fox (Yahoo)
1) It's arCtic, not artic!!
2) Why don't you use Google? It's much better!!

why does my boiler not start in foggy weather (Google)
I don't know, but I know a man that would!! Unless you live in Huddersfield, this information would (of course) be wholly irrelevant. What I might suggest is that you search using your boiler's make and model numbers to find some forums or discussions where you might get your questions answered. Perhaps it might need a service? The guy came and stuck a vacuum cleaner in mine and it made it work better!!

dead arctic fox pictures (Google)
You're sick!! If you must see dead foxes, then you'll find them here, but I urge you not to think about it!!

skoda expensive advert cost (Google)
I covered this a while back, and it's all probably urban myth.... I hate to direct anyone to the Daily Mail but they covered it quite well here.

how to make arctic fox paper bag puppet (Google)
I've seen paper bag penguin puppets but no arctic fox bags... if anyone finds them then let me know!!

how does the Arctic fox keep warm (Google)
Either he turns up the central heating, or he uses his extra thick coat!! Apparently (according to Nigel Marven) an arctic fox's fur coat will keep him from shivering until the temperature goes below minus seventy degrees (he (regretfully) did not state whether this was Fahrenheit or Centigrade though).

where the arctic fox lives (maps) (Google)
This is asked for quite a lot... I stole this map from a source that I will not divulge. The lighter coloured parts of the map indicate the fox's range. I DO like the way you bracketed the word "maps" in your search but it's really not necessary. NOTE: Bugger, the upload image thing seems to be busted, but I'll upload it when I get round to it.

what is a mother arctic fox called (Google)
A female fox is called a "Vixen", and this is the same for a female arctic fox. The babies are called "Kits" and the males are called "Reynard". A very appropriate question on Mothering Sunday!!

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