Sunday, March 09, 2008


I am tired.

I haven't done very much this weekend that would make me tired. Perhaps it's the inactivity of it all that has actually done me in??

Apparently we're set for some serious storm force weather over the next day or so, and on that basis alone, when I woke up this morning I had my heart set on going for a walk or a bike ride or something before we are all hiding behind locked doors hoping the chimney doesn't blow off the roof.

We managed a canal-side walk from Slawit to Marsden (one of my personal favourite walks) and even got a pint of Cupwith Special at the Riverhead. Magic. It was trying to snow when we set off and glorious sunshine when we got back to the car.

My Nintendo DS has started playing silly beggars with this doo-hickey that I have installed.... for some reason it refuses to "play ball" with me.... I even took the soldering iron to it today in pure frustration. I've ordered a new doo-hickey, and this one is supposedly better, faster, much improved, a simple slot-1 solution, or so they tell me!! Time will tell!!

My amaryllis is just about opening up now!! Here is a captured image for posterity. As you can tell from the image, both "spikes" are now too large to fit them fully into the picture, so you just have to imagine the scale - I can't fit the top of the plant pot in any more.

I think that once the amaryllis is done I will install a hyacinth cam!! Imagine!! The problem with the bulbs I have planted today for this purpose seemed decidedly rotten, so it might be more boring than bowling cam even!!

Right, I'm going to get myself some coffee and play a bit of Wii before I shuffle off to bed-ford-shire!!


  1. Hey there! I apologize for the lack of comments... ever since MSN changed the initial view when I log into my space, I never seem to make it over to the old view where I can see my list of non-msn blogging buddies! :(

    The bags of confetti are for the upcoming Disney World trip that Shawn and I are taking. The kids are going to stay with my parents, so that Shawn and I can act like kids for a week! LOL

    Lots of fanatic Disney vacation planners refer to Random Acts of Kindness at Disney World as "spreading Pixie Dust". I made the bags of confetti to hand out to little ones while we are there, so we will be spreading a bit of tangilbe pixie dust! :)

    ...I'm not saying I'm ONE of the fanatical Disney planners... but the binder full of our plans for the week says otherwise! :D


  2. Well my boy you will not be out on your bike today x

  3. Where would all be without doo-hickeys and amarylises?

  4. Slawit-Marsden canal walk is lovely - gets a bit too busy in the summer though, so you probably chose the best time of year!

  5. Slawit-Marsden canal walk is lovely - gets a bit too busy in the summer though, so you probably chose the best time of year!