Monday, March 10, 2008


We are apparently in the midst of the biggest storm of the winter. In all honesty, it's very mild here in Huddersfield. It's wet, but it's not windy and there certainly is no sign of the promised storm. Other parts of the country don't seem to have been so lucky!!

I've had a nice steady day of it. I've been out and done a bit of shopping and I've been out for a spot of lunch. I've watched a bit of telly and I've played some video games.

As far as TV goes, I have to say how amusing it is to see the return of a slightly older, hungover, frozen food shortcutting Delia Smith to our screens. I can't believe they showed the footage of her (seemingly three sheets to the wind) on the Norwich football pitch appealing for someone to volunteer to be tweflth man. Incredible!! She is still a good cook though, and I will be watching the series.... fabulous to see she had brought Nigel Slater in on the act too.... I think he's one of my favourite TV chef types.

I am hoping that tomorrow's weather is no worse than today's and I might actually brave it on my bike... it's just a bit of rain, right? I can do wet, but I can't do windy!!

I am also wishing I had not bought Morrisons' cheap coffee.... it smells like wet dogs!! Revolting. Tastes ok, but the smell is making it impossible for me to get close to the cup. Guess that'll learn me!!

Amaryllis cam is rocking out!!

Job applications are continuing. I am actually thinking about signing on for a while!!


  1. Delia is my hero and, as everyone should know, the best chef's are always slightly intoxicated. Besides, Delia has a dark past, I'll have you know and she isn't quite the straight laced innocent you might suspect her to be. The Rolling Stones 1969 album, Let It Bleed - probably in the top three as the best long players - has a sleeve which features a very nice cake on the front of it. A cake baked by none other than a very young Delia Smith. What do you think of that, Mr Fox? Perhaps it might inspire you to bake something to nibble on for when you're next playing Guitar Hero.

  2. Well I have bought the book and made the brocolli and cauli soup which was very tasty and quicker to do than sticking something frozen in the oven. Delia the Queen of Cakes a dark past - never??????

  3. not a fan of delia, especially her recent rantings on why it's ok to let animals suffer unnecessarily for our plates. she is a self-centred, arrogant toad. in fact, she should be stuffed like a turkey and roasted herself.