Friday, March 28, 2008

Aye Carumba!

Interviews, eh?

Well, it was good in places and bad in other places.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me luck. I should find out on Monday next week whether they are doing second interviews or whether they have allocated the job and who they might have allocated it to.

Fingers, legs, and everything else that would cross without making my eyes water, well and truly crossed!!

For now, it's the weekend. I can relax without the pressure of an interview hanging over me, but with the added pressure of waiting for that fateful phone call!!

I think I might like a beer this evening.


  1. Good luck. How about having a N DS-free weekend?


    Alright then.

  2. yep. go for an abbot's ale. my latest crave.

  3. I hope the job interview ends with a positive result and you can finally leave behind the illusory and insular world that is Nintendoland. But it must be hard. For healthy "young" people our society is all about work and wealth... it is hard to inhabit the sidelines of exclusion. Hang in there and if this one doesn't work out, grab quickly at the very next opportunity.

  4. Have you heard anything yet?
    Pol x

  5. I hope you had a good drink.........?pubbing with legs&fingers crossed can be tricky!

  6. I am away for 5 minutes and you get a job!

  7. Foxyman, I take it your ISP switch wasn't quite as smooth as it should have been?

  8. There once was a Fox from Great Britain,
    Who posted a blog he had written,
    And then he was gone
    And away for so long
    We thought he'd got scared and had hidden.

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  10. Hello...
    Anyone there???

  11. Hey Foxy

    just caught up on your blog for the first time since leaving the UK.

    How'd the interview go? It's not like you not to update for soooooo long. And drop me a line sometime

    Take care mate


  12. Listen very carefully and you can hear tumbleweed blowing across the blog.