Sunday, March 16, 2008


Rarely do I spend a more relaxing weekend than the one that has just elapsed. It's been really busy, but thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.

In beer terms, it was a joy!!

Managed a few pints at the Three Pigeons in Halifax, and was pleased to taste my first drop of "Silver Fox" which is the Ossett Brewery's ale for March. Very very nice and a beer that I have been waiting to come round. Can't wait to sup another!!

Beer festival? Brilliant. The success of a beer festival is truly measured by the fact that we had to wait for two people to stagger out before we were allowed to take our turn at selecting our poisons. Me, I jumped straight into the "mild trail" and supped a goodly selection before being rewarded, bang on the end of session bell, with a free glass of the mild of my choice. I chose the Midnight Bell from the Leeds Brewery (sponsors of this particular festival) and I was not disappointed. Top mild!!

My only beery regret is that I didn't have time or the constitution required to sample some of the porters on offer at the festival...... I will make up for that neglect at the Star's beer festival later this week.

Other than drinking beer, I've been....

Riding my bike. I managed to talk the lovely Dawn into getting on the spare bike and coming for a bike ride. Dawn was apprehensive, but once we got going, and we went along at Dawn's pace and chatted as we rode and managed to stay warm, there was no stopping her..... I was really impressed how well we managed do.

Shopping. A Sunday trip to Wilko's!! Hurray, I love the Wilkinsons.

Cooking. Baking bread and food for the most part of the weekend.

Now I'm relaxed.... chilling with my CycloDS.... more on that later!!


  1. I must have missed you at Pudsey, sparky... unless you have changed since your photograph was taken.

    I enjoyed it too despite the way I felt on the following morning.

  2. My Sister~In~Law Drinks in The Three Pigeons!

  3. sounds superb. i, meanwhile, was in bed with the flu.