Monday, February 18, 2008

Whistle and ride.

If you manage to achieve the impossible, and actually be able to do two things at the same time, then you're "whistling and riding", apparently!! Sounds unfeasible, I know, but we all need hopes and dreams.

For me, the possibility of doing more than one thing in a day is a daunting task, never mind trying to do them both at the same time.

This morning I went for a bike ride, and this afternoon I took advantage of the hazy, frost lifting sunshine, and headed out to Deer Hill Reservoir for a picnic lunch, complete with brandy laced coffee in a Thermos flask!!

This morning was definitely a case of "wheezing and riding" as there was no whistling to be heard. Perhaps there might have been the odd squeal, as I realised I was going too fast down a frozen, muddy, rutted track, with the back wheel skidding on ice and the brakes providing no respite.... barrelling ever faster and ever more uncontrollable...... My feet bounced clear off the pedals a couple of times, and at one point I even wished I had worn my cycling helmet!! By the time I reached the deer farm in the bottom of the valley, I was pleased to still be in a single piece.

The walk around Deer Hill was lovely today, and although I prefer to walk without meeting other people, it was nice to see so many jolly people out and about and enjoying the sunshine.... it DOES put people in a good mood.

I have also fixed the "Amaryllis cam" which has been freaking out a bit..... for some reason, my webcam doesn't like working off a USB hub, even though the hub is of the powered flavour. I don't get it, and rather than try to find out why it has suddenly started to whinge about it, I've swapped the camera over to its own USB port. You will, of course, be pleased to know, that in the four days since starting "Amaryllis cam", the plant has grown from six and a half centimetres to thirteen!! I will need a fish eye webcam before this experiment is over, just to fit the triffid like plant in!!

Further to this, I am working on a new update for the "Man VS Mouse" section, as I've scored yet another hit!!

I've given you a nice new Underworld tune to play too.... one of my all-time favourite tunes... I am so good to you.

I also have a bit of random shopping to update, so I'm gonna be busy with blogging for the rest of the day.

From massive bulbs, mental amaryllises grow!!


  1. Hey! great music track, never heard them before.... but will seek a bit more out.
    Now I'll go back to reading....
    BUT! the music player?
    where did you get it?
    how do you upload?
    Is it a blogger tool?

    I use for my music, but their servers are often screwed up and unresponsive.... When it works it's great, but, but. um
    right, I'll go back to reading...

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  3. Thats some nice photos you have there, are these from your new camera?

    Love the track reminds me of good times out.

  4. Oh I Love This Cold& Sunny Weather.
    Yea, Great Toon Mr Fox!

  5. Great photos and wow a comment!
    Tell Dawn to say hi if she reads!
    Glad you both ok, still waiting for that dinner invitation.....ha ha
    Pol x

  6. Fine pics, Fox. How did you get a photo looking straight into the sun? Did you Photoshop it afterwards, or are the latest cameras clever enough to just sort it out automagically?

  7. Well Mr Fox you have been busy. Pictures are fab by the way. I will need to get my finger out and post some of my latest stuff but I am too up myself at the moment what with the chocolate starvation etc. Am off to buy the peanut butter though!

    Pix x

  8. "and although I prefer to walk without meeting other people"

    Ah, a man after my own heart! I'll try my best not to be up Deer Hill at the same time as you.

  9. You say you don't like to see people while you are out walking. What about those poor sods who encountered you out by Deer Park? I bet the blighters were scared out of their wits... before rushing home to see news items about Steve(n) Wright and other infamous chaps currently in our news bulletins! - "Oh Doris. He were tall. He looked a bit like a skinhead. I'm sure I saw him on Crimewatch last month!"