Monday, February 11, 2008


Hellfire, damn and blast.

I went out for a meal last evening, for no other reason than the very fact that I could. Nothing too fancy, just some roasted vegetables en croute with some seasonal vegetables at the Sands House at Crosland Moor. An altogether pleasant affair.

On the way home, Mr. Walker began to turn into Mr. Wheeler.....

Misted up rear windscreen in my car.... nothing unusual about that...... I turn on the de-fog-ifier and set off..... halfway home and those telltale George Foreman grillesque chargrilled bars of heat that should be radiating across the rear window are nowhere to be seen.

They haven't connected it up have they, when they fitted my new rear glass, just last week.... not only did they have my car for four days.... order the wrong glass...... have to wait for a new one to arrive...... and then when I turn up for the car they start vacuuming all the broken glass out of the back, and they've flattened my battery to boot........ they haven't actually connected my de-fog-ifier!!

So I ask the question, to nobody in particular, just to the heavens as I shake what's left of my already ragged and frankly overused fist.... for a company called RAC Windscreens, what the hell do they actually do?

It's a bit like putting a load of shovels against a wall and asking someone to take their pick!!

Oh, yes of course sir, we do windscreens, which are typically the ones at the front, and you've thrown a spanner in the works by wanting one at the back!!

Well, let me tell you.... I'll damn well give you one at the back!!

Booked car in for this afternoon, and the boiler repairman, thankfully, is coming in the next hour or so.


  1. For once when i read your blog i was grateful to be at work - in the warm..
    Hope you are warm and toasty by this aft and your car is sorted!
    Pol x

  2. I seem to have missed that that moment when you swapped lives with Victor Meldrew.