Sunday, February 24, 2008


Back in the days.... the days when I was probably about an inch tall and weighing less than an ounce, on this day forty years ago, I was taken along to a very special event.

Forty years ago to this very day, at two thirty in the afternoon, my aunty Janet and uncle David got married at Clifton Church near Brighouse.

Ever since I can remember, my aunty and uncle have been major players in my life.... like the time my mum was down the boozer with my stepdad and my unc and his brother had to take me to hospital when I lost a fight with some barbed wire...... I am sure my mum still expects social services to be paying her a visit for this comical indiscretion.

The time my uncle Dave, one Sunday afternoon, pretended to phone the television company to ask them to put a cartoon on for us..... which to my amazement, happened...... I must have been too young to comprehend a television guide such as the TV Times.

The time I was manhandled into a bathroom, projectile vomiting, with alcoholic poisoning during one time when I visited them. They were never judgemental with me about anything like that.... seemingly it was expected!!

Explaining to my aunty Jan about the "People would pay good money to feel like that" concept.

Their unconditional welcome and ever present hospitality, whether I arrive on my own, with company, or one time with a bunch of mates and a girlfriend in tow as well......

I have a photo from their wedding day that I will scan and put on my blog sometime.

Anyhoo.... we've been out for a lovely lunch at the Gray Ox at Heartshead Moor, with those lovely people (and other lovely people too) and it's been a right nice time of it.

Happy ruby wedding anniversary to my most beloved aunty and uncle....

Lang may their respective and collective lums reek!!


  1. cheers for your shower of sympathy ... ho hum. might as well support newcastle [glum].

  2. Ha ha sounds like they bailed you out a few times, werent you lucky!
    When do we get to see the pic??
    Pol x

  3. Oh a sentimental Foxy - and theres nowt the matter with Twiggy my boy x

  4. I did play lots of DS, i am completely addicted to the Sims even though i am at the point where the game will now run forever with no surprises...ah well no doubt i'll get bored eventually!