Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is with sadness.....

... that I report my excitement at the fact that my neighbour has applied for planning permission to install hardwood double glazing in his property.

Perhaps I am getting old when I await the outcome of Brian's application with trepidation?

The reasons I am so bothered are quite simple really.

a) The buildings are "listed" in that their character may not be altered... everything needs to be replaced on a like-for-like basis.

b) My house is the lowest quality property in the whole row.

c) I would love to get some decent hardwood double glazing in.

d) If they let my neighbour have it, then they surely can't object to me getting it done!!

My current mish-mash of softwood windows, some of which are falling to pieces, some with secondary glazing, some with the thinnest sealed double glazing panels in them..... all different, all scruffy, all in too poor a state to even open, could soon be the lovely windows I so desire.

Perhaps when the Pogo badges get released this afternoon I might calm down a littrle from all the excitement.

I wish I would get a response from the job application I completed recently..... fingers crossed.


  1. Hope your job application is successful as the dosh would surely pay for your coveted windows.

  2. Wow, we're going to have the makings of a good dinner if this carries on.

  3. Spotted dick and custardSaturday, 09 February, 2008