Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Graveyard shift.

Yesterday was a bit of a runaround. Got up fairly early and made breakfast.

The afternoon was reserved for Tom's homework.... his assignment was to go round photographing churches and graveyards or something..... and naturally, I was enlisted to assist.

We visited the lovely Deanhead Church (Saint Bartholomew's) at Scammonden, Saint John's at Town End in Golcar, a church at Linthwaite, and the old chapel and graveyard (which is occasionally treated to a manicure by the Pole Moor Residents Association!!) at Pole Moor.

We managed to put quite a collection of photographs of varying quality together. The light was quite dull and overcast, so of course, you have to make the best of what you have.

The afternoon was punctuated by a moment of complete and utter stupidity when I visited a petrol station, filled my car up with petrol, and realised I had left my wallet at home!! My, how we laughed.... not!! One lengthy form, and a round trip to collect said wallet, and we were back on track. It was embarrassing to say the least.

Today, I spent pretty much the whole day tidying my bedroom. Loud groans all round!! It's amazing how much paperwork I manage to pile up..... how much junk I accumulate, and of course, how much furry dust I manage to coat everything with, which makes for fairly unpleasant cleaning duties. I even went out and bout a bit of a filing system to completely get myself in order. I am now, like the James Taylor Quartet suggested, organised, or is that oraniZed!!??

It's one AM and I have just finished filing my stuff into the new system!!

So, I'm sitting at my "good" computer typing my blog, at my empty, tidy desk, in my bedroom, with a remote controlled connection to my laptop in the lounge..... If only I could telnet onto my kettle I would be laughing!!


  1. Sounds to me like you getting all organised for when you go out to work again...
    Pol x