Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Every day....

... in every way, I'm getting better and better.

Flapping and panicking are left behind, and a new sea of tranquility has washed over me.

The boiler man came and cleaned out my boiler.... he hoovered it out and disassembled bits of it and generally fettled it. It's burning clean and bright now.

The so-called windscreen place were less than courteous, but more than ruthlessly efficient in tackling the de-fog-ifier and its unconnected connections. The very fact that I had to drive twenty minutes there and twenty minutes back to have a sixty second procedure carried out, when it should have been done in the first four day experience was just too much.

Get it right first time, was a business mantra when I was a young lad.... seems it went over some folks' heads!!

Today has passed (thus far at least) without breakdown of an appliance, without injury, without expensive or time consuming diversion......

I even managed to get out and do a few miles on my bike in some unseasonably hot February weather.... it's been glorious for a few days. I even managed to sit out in the garden and drink a cup of coffee.


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