Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Credit where credit is due. I often write about how Egears or RAC Windscreens, or AA have completely and utterly pissed me off. Occasionally I receive such exceptional customer service somewhere that I am compelled to write about this too.....

Yesterday, as part of my bedroom tidying activities, I decided to order a part for my computer and some oil for my shredder.... By the time I settled down last evening I had received four emails and a text message to my mobile phone advising me on the status of my computer part order. Even more remarkable was the arrival of this low value piece of computer equipment before lunchtime today....... amazingly simple turnaround with great communications and absolutely no fuss at all.

The company in question, and I recommend them for all your computing needs, is CCL Online - I've used them for years and they NEVER disappoint!!

In direct contrast to this exceptionally positive story is the story of my shredder oil..... I received an email to say they had received my order.... and that's as far as it got.....

If only CCL sold shredder oil!!

So, following my day of housekeeping yesterday, I've spent the day virtual housekeeping.... i.e. consolidating all my photography files and mp3s and Nintendo DS games into a central location - the concept of owning just a single copy of each file instead of having them duplicated and scattered across an array of media is less than useful.

The end result is no less satisfying than the work I did yesterday, but I didn't get as dusty (apart from when I fitted my new computer card - as everyone knows, them puters don't half suck up a load of crap and then spew it out on you as soon as you open their cases!!) and I got to sit down for the most part, and drink lots of coffee.....



  1. Nice when you get good service, but then we only appreciate it so much because bad service has become the norm.

  2. I've used CCL on occasion too and never had cause to complain... which is rare for me!

  3. I was going to write almost exactly what Pol said! I'll try to remember CCL. 2 recommendations is good!