Thursday, January 03, 2008

Staying alive.

Well, if you've managed to survive the New Year's festivities, which in my case was a pub with a decidedly dodgy Caribbean theme (complete with inflatable fruits and spuriously attired pirate wench barmaids!!)......

If you managed to survive the dried out overcooked turkey remnants (and any nasty bacteria that might have had chance to develop in it) from your Christmas dinner over the week following its initial incineration.....

Have you managed to avoid catching the flu and chest infections that have swept through the country?

Did you fall foul of the norovirus and subsequently spend two days, with liquids magically materialising from either end with a will of their own, looking for the nearest toilet ?

Did you go shopping in the sales and suffer road rage, shop rage, starvation at the hands of the overcrowded shopping mall food courts, death by queueing!!??

Did you wake up this morning and find that you could not get to work because of the snow? Did you get stranded in some North Yorkshire village with your traction control working overtime?


If you've managed to avoid all, or even some of the above, and have made it out of the other side of the festive season with your sanity and health intact, then you deserve a medal. I can only imagine you are the only person in your office who is still fit to be at work, and you're swinging from the light fittings and going decidedly "Lord of the Flies" while nobody else could make it in to work.

Be warned: A new threat is looming... oh, wait, it's not a new threat at all, but the BBC have come up with a new catchy name for an old threat, and as such, it's made it back to the top of the agenda......

Cue Scottish family, playing on their Playstation and eating deep fried Mars Bars!! Obesity is now apparently a global problem... and experts are now calling it Globesity!!

No news is good news they say!!


  1. Well i survived the New Year festivities but then we did have a party so i was at home..
    I survived christmas but then we threw out the leftover turkey...
    I luckily havent had so much as a sniffle of a cold even though people were coming down with it badly all around me...
    I hate shopping so no shop rage for me, Chris went and purchased what we chose with our chritmas money...
    I got to work this morning only seeing a few flakes and without incident...

    Does that make me really lucky then???

    Pol x

  2. I have been ill, pissed off and sick. I also went to the sales on the 27th and must have "please shout at me" on my back as 3 degenerates did.

    Happy New Year Foxy x

  3. Try "the only person in my office who bothered to turn up for work rather than calling in sick for the last two days and leaving you to sort out all their crap". Bastards, all of them.

    HNY, Mr. Fox.