Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday banana.

Two street urchins looking for somewhere to dance!!

I spent a good deal of last evening seeking dance music in the Huddersfield town centre. The promise of Wax:On at Tokyo had sounded like a good bet, but as we walked by, the club had a despondant air about it. It's quiet.... too damn quiet!!

The last few times I have had anything to do with drinking in towns, I've found them to be shadows of their former selves. Whether you put the drinking establishment downturn in the hands of the new no-smoking laws, or whether you believe that there is a CIA plot to flood the country with sub standard recreational drugs and euro-house music, then you still have to admit.... pubs and clubs are quieter than they ought to be.

That being said.... It was pissing down, and miserable in the middle of January.... the usual Huddersfield "hardmen" with their skin tight white t-shirts over their pumped up chests, with their hair all gelled up, are no match for these weather conditions!! Perhaps those girls often seen tottering around town on their high heels, with their gas-fire corned beef legs over exposed to the elements have REALLY decided they are far too cold in that outfit!!

Having sampled at least four nightclubs.... three ale pubs... and a couple of bars..... we ended up in a bar down the main street dancing till about 5am.

I wouldn't want to be in my head today.... oh, wait....

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