Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rattle and hum.

Rolling along on the crest of a wave......

I'm ticking over, treading water, rattling round the house spending portions of time doing a myriad of smaller tasks, and of course, never completing any of them.

I think the fact that I got my Nintendo DS playing copied games in the same week that I am trying to type up my curriculum vitae equate to one procrastination too far.

Between Zelda's Phantom Hourglass, Scrabble 2007, and Cooking Mama 2, there isn't enough time to formulate a few simple sentences in a Word document, let alone write a blog entry. This is before I even dare to put Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga anywhere near my micro SD card!!

I pray to Shigeru Miyamoto that I can finish Zelda in the next couple of days, or find the will power to put it down and finish whatever I am supposed to be doing.

I also seem to be trapped in the habit of watching the last hour of lots of films. I seem to catch only this last slice of lots of great films. I really ought to get myself a televisual magazine, but then I never get round to reading it. I used to use Digiguide on my computer, but it's not cheap and you need it running in the room where you watch TV for it to be worthwhile. Perhaps I'll look out for a good free television guide tomorrow.

And so to bed...... drifting off to BBC radio seven..... bliss!!


  1. I use for free telly listings, the mobile version is quite good for searching which films are on in the next five days by genre etc.
    You can pay an annual sub for PVR features (presuming you have one of those USB DVB-T recievers) such as hitting record while you are not at home. But that's just showing off.

  2. What I don't get is that you are drifting off into sleep while listening to Radio 7 and it is at this time you are writing the blog entry? Was it written on a laptop resting by your pillow?

  3. No, it was written on a laptop in my lounge and the blog entry was completed about 30 seconds before I went and put my head down!!

  4. You put your head down? Is it detachable? You can carry it about? Wow! I'm full of envy.